Saturday, 1 November 2008


I have always loved bobs. I know we're encourage to evolve our style as we get older, and try to keep up with trends, but I've noticed my hair is always a version of a bob of some sort. It's a revelation that just hit me. Whether it's layered, coloured, with a fringe or without, or long, short, mid-length's still a bob of sorts. I've managed to convince myself that over the past 10 years I've had several styles, but ,thinking about it truthfully, I've just morphed between chin-length styles to shoulder-length styles, all based around a straight baseline and long layers.

I think as we age, we learn what suits us and what styles make us truly happy. I'm happy with a bob. It can look punky, retro, smart, chic and bohemian depending on how you style it. Bobs can be versatile (depending on length) as to whether you want to wear them curly, straight, up or down. The best thing is they are relatively low maintenance, so long as you own the right styling tools (straighteners are normally a MUST!)

I'm posting some of my favourite bobs on here. these are the styles I tend to stick with and I think the celebs look great wearing them (Christina Applegate, Katie Holmes, Gwynyth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway)

I am currently sporting a shoulder-length bob with no fringe (just grown out along with the last lot of layers). I spend about 20 mins a day blow-drying my bob if I want it to look really shiny and healthy, otherwise I wash my hair at night, leave to dry naturally, and go for a more wavy, casual look. With more options for straighteners on the market, I've got a relatively inexpensive pair by Remmington, which can be used wet or dry; it takes me roughly 10 minutes to turn my waves into glossy brunette tresses.

I'm going to the hairdressers next week; considering going for a more angled bob, with the front slightly longer than the back. So long as I can still scoop it up into a ponytail for sports and slobbing out, it should be a chic, modern style that involves minimum fuss on a Monday morning...